My Story

After being diagnosed with a chronic auto-immune disease, I decided to look for holistic and therapeutic remedies to alleviate my symptoms, and discovered the healing properties of essential oils.

I began using these oils daily and could soon see the benefit of adding them to my daily personal care. I have since extended my research and knowledge on the subject by completing in-depth training which includes an accredited diploma in Aromatherapy , a diploma in Canine Holistic Health & Therapy, Holistic Herbal Healing, both Soap making and Candle making courses, and finally an Organic Skincare business Diploma (see accreditation). Once qualified, I decided to share the benefits with firstly, my family and friends, and now by making and sharing my Scented Owl products.

My aim is to make a product that is natural, gentle, affordable, sustainable and made locally. All of the products I sell are individually handmade by myself, using only pure and natural ingredients.

The fragrance oils used all comply with EU regulations and have not been tested on animals – nor do they contain any animal ingredients. They are vegan friendly and comply with the Vegan Society guidelines. I am fully insured and all of my products are registered for your safety holding full Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (where applicable). These are valid throughout the EU. My candles and wax melts are all CLP compliant.

I look forward to sharing my products with you!